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Kulae Yoga Towel


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Anti-bacterial full mat coverage
Are you sick of yoga mats that always tend to glide during your heaviest workout? Say no more! It’s the Kulae yoga towel that is designed to let you have proper positioning on your mat! Made of 100% sustainable materials, it will definitely provide you with extra comfort during doing sports.
Kulae yoga towel
Luxury yoga towel for your perfect yoga experience
Superior grip and traction
Due to the technology and materials Kulae Yoga Towel is made with, it’s ready to ensure proper positioning on your mat without slippage. Slip-free design is silicone-free (no ‘nubs’ needed), so you can use both sides. Measures 74″ x 25″. Weight: 13.5oz.
Durability & easy care
There’s no reason to worry about this yoga towel washing: it’s completely machine washable and made with the best knitting structure available.
Absolutely safe and 100% sustainable
Rest assured that this yoga towel by Kulae is non-toxic and sustainable: it’s silicone-free, latex-free, and 100% recyclable.
The highest quality materials
With the idea of your extra comfort, this yoga towel is made of resilient, non-fading, super-absorbent microfiber.
Your perfect yoga companion
Kulae yoga towel has everything necessary to become your perfect yoga companion. It’s extra-long, anti-bacterial, silicone-free. BTW, it can be even used for several activities outside of yoga as it is reversible.
About Kulae

KULAE (Pronunciation: COOL-eye)

What it means: the name Kulae was derived from the Sanskrit word kula, which means “community.” Adding the letter “e” to the end of a word in Sanskrit pluralizes it, so we turned “community” into “communities!”

We chose the name “Kulae” with our mission and mantra in mind: we want to help bring communities together through yoga and good karma, helping to maintain healthy people on a healthy planet.

We believe that karma is real and wish to build a more positive world where yoga can truly be for everyone without taxing our planet. Kulae subscribes to the tenets of kula (community), yoga (to unite), and karma (the net balance of a person’s actions) and sees these elements as the path to a more peaceful, caring, healthy world. We warmly invite you to join Kulae in uniting our collective communities in good karma with the beautiful and constructive practice of yoga.

This planet is the only one we’ve got. We’re deeply committed to protecting our Mother Earth and keeping her in the best condition possible for future generations.

We are all bettered by the betterment of each individual. We are devoted to treating the people we encounter with kindness, respect, and open-mindedness.

Practicing good karma is a form of mindfulness of our actions towards others. It is imperative to us to remain mindful, and create our good karma in ways that really count.

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Punta Gorda, Florida
Brand values
Social Good

24 reviews for Kulae Yoga Towel

  1. T***d

    Great yoga towel! Works great. Highly recommend!

  2. H***y

    Super fast delivery! Product is excellent, quality very good. Recommend this store!!!

  3. E***n

    better than i expected. awesome!

  4. L***y

    Satisfied with YOGA towel, its features: light weight and soft!

  5. S***n

    When I placed my order, Kulae Yoga Towel discount was significant. It saved me lots of money!

  6. M***a

    so far this is the best i ordered online. recommend!

  7. T***s

    It’s great that the store offers such a low cost for . Thanks!

  8. R***l

    everything’s up to standard

  9. S***a

    Super! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! It is perfect!

  10. I***n

    Worked perfect. I’m a sweaty yoga practicer. I start dripping sweat and the towel stays in place (for the most part, unless you drag your feet or something). And it absorbs very well and stays very grippy. Prob going to buy another to rotate.

  11. M***n

    can’t wait to try my new . looks promising

  12. F***k

    Never thought I can buy such a sheap online. Totally grateful!

  13. P***a

    I bought this towel because I started sweating uncontrollably during my yoga practice. I expected it to work okay, but it actually works REALLY well. It absorbs my sweat perfectly and fits my entire yoga mat. I am no longer slipping and sliding everywhere and I am thankful to have found this towel!

  14. S***n

    recommend this ! good price and quality!

  15. M***a

    that’s a bargain! looks perfectly

  16. D***l

    I can surely say it’s the best price for for both online and offline stores

  17. M***w

    Discounted Kulae Yoga Towel is a true bargain. thanks to the seller!

  18. K***n

    arrived in excellent condition. good quality. thanks to store. would advise.

  19. M***e

    This is really a great “towel.” It’s so soft, and it’s nice and big. Used it at the pool and beach, and got it pretty soaked. Just brought it in and draped it over a chair on the porch. Was going back to the beach about an hour later and it was almost completely dry! It was a super purchase for me, and am sure you’ll love it, too.

  20. M***e

    Bought on sale, never regretted the purchase

  21. L***m

    It’s priceless to find a offered on such favourable terms

  22. A***r

    Now I know here to find Kulae Yoga Towel online for a great price! Thanks to the seller

  23. A***e

    Perfect! Came very well packed. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks a lot!

  24. M***a

    This yoga towel is nice, soft, and has a great grip to my mat, so that I’m not constantly fixing it. It hasn’t been tested yet in a true heated room. Usually I do my bikram hot yoga at my studio in a room of 105 degrees and 60% humidity. At home I’m only able to get my room to about 90 degrees and I have no idea about the humidity, but it’s definitely not 60%. I’ll update once I’m able to truly test the towel, but for now it’s doing its job and I love it

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